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Darren, that was a really amazing, heart felt reply! You made me a little teary! It was a pleasure working with you too and being able to talk everyday about lots of things — teaching, films, nature etc. We were also fortunate to have you being such a good mediator at work, we really noticed the difference when you were gone. And thank you. Good luck with all of your lifestyle pursuits, and especially your blogging and film criticism, which I always enjoy reading.

Wow, that David guy really has some beef with this.

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Loved this post, and I agree with you! I visited while travelling Asia earlier this year and it was by far my favourite country that we visited. Blew my mind! My friend came back from Taiwan yesterday and brought me a huge box of pineapple cakes and matcha!! Lovely post, Charlie! Apart from the first point, moving to Barcelona was as beneficial to me as moving to Taiwan was to you. Learning a new language and trying new things are also parts of the expat experience I enjoy.

Just the money situation is very different here: we earn peanuts and the rent prices are just too high to save up enough. What job do you have? And where are you thinking of moving to? Great post — I taught English in TW for 2 years. I met great friends, fell in love, and saw a lot of a great country that I was absolutely ignorant about before getting there.

I taught in a preschool had 3 hours of contact a week and actually lived a very good life, never worrying about money, and eating out and going our for nights on the town, while still trying to save about half my salary. Though I dont think it would have been a long term solution for myself, as a 2 year stint, it was the time of my life — and taught me so much about myself and travel.

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Hi Ryan, thanks for commenting. Sounds good. What do you do now, Ryan? It definitely has its ups and downs of living here. I enjoy it overall. But, I have gone a bit crazy at times. Definitely had ups and downs in Taiwan too.

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As a Taiwanese, it always makes me happy to hear that people enjoyed their stay in Taiwan! Being a local, I often forget or oversee the beauty of my country and focus on the negative stuff, such as the points mentioned in some comments above. Thanks for the great post :. This is a great post I really like it.

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Taiwan is still one of my favourite countries and I havent been back in almost 5 years but I loved it. As for pollution, this is people stating the obvious. Taiwan is a wonderful country and every traveler deserves to see it.

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Safe travels. Thanks, Jonny! I hope you get back there sometime. I think that mainland China and Taiwan are quite different as well. I agree, thanks for your support. Safe travels to you too, Jonny. I really wish I would have taken the chance of moving abroad after I was done with college. You certainly have much more courage than I had at 22!

I was so super nervous though, but I try not to let that hold me back. Hi Noel — thanks for your comment!

Taiwan is really, really green : I hope you do get to see it some day! We just recently visited a friend of ours in Kazakhstan, who is originally from the US, and he is so happy working as a teacher the local university earning A LOT, compared to the locals, living in a great soviet-style apartment in the city centre, feeling like a king! Yes : Of course, all this sort of thing is dependent on the kind of lifestyle you want to have as well. Great post. How is teaching in Italy? Thanks, Kate. It really is an intriguing and beautiful country.

Great post! Yes, I am lucky. Not so lucky to be monolingual, but working on that! Sounds to me you were respectful and enjoyed the experience. I get 14 days holiday plus public holidays, and sick days, too. And tiny supermarkets? Erm again — what country was he living in? I also think that 13, is a pretty good price for a Taipei apartment. We had quite a big place but of course were in LuoDong, and two people makes a whole lot of difference.

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Do you feel homesick at all? When I was living in Taiwan, it was my first year living outside of the UK, so I often felt homesick, depsite loving so many things about Taiwan. And are you learning Mandarin? Excellent post! I have friends in the States who have Settlers weekly nights and are crazy about it!

As for learning Mandarin, keep it up. Thanks, Samantha! Yes, I guess I was just never in the right Catan playing cicles at home. I gave Chinese a good go though, but those tones are a nightmare for Westerners!! Great post Charlie, it sounds like Taiwan agrees with you : I had a friend teach English in Taiwan for about 14 months and she absolutely loved it. Thanks, Calli!

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I loved Taiwan, but I did also find being away from home for such a long time very difficult and I was so glad to see my mum at the end of that year! Very interesting reflections on the expat lifestyle.