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Have you ever packed light for a winter trip?

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I would have brought so many jumpers haha. We might go skiing though, that makes it a bit harder. Skiing in Japan is meant to be amazing:D It would be so difficult to pack light for that, though. Trying to fit winter clothes for two weeks in a carry on can be tough but you nailed it! I traveled to Australia once in the winter for 2 weeks and managed to fit everything in my carry on but to be fair, it wasnt that cold.

As you said, only took one coat because one is always enough , and 2 different sweaters to layer. Packing for summer trips is sooooo much easier. Thanks Claudia! I always get shocked that Australia actually has winter. Ohh, have an amazing time in Japan! I also kind of prefer winter trips because I can wear my heavy stuff on the plane without any fear of sweating like a pig when I leave the airport haha!

Great tips!

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I hate travelling in cold countries because of the packing situation! Every time I end up having only one outfit!

Very useful post, we are now packing for NZ, where is Autumn already and we always have some troubles what to bring… I love a Bambi pic! Packing for Autumn is so much more difficult than packing for summer- have an amazing time in NZ! I love reading posts like this.

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Really helps when it comes to packing! I have so much love for my Farpoint These are great tips! One of my goals this year is to get more compact with my packing, so definitely using your list! This is a great post for packing for the winter in one carry on! I have yet to manage this myself but next time I will utilize this post to help me plan! Great tips and useful. This is a great article.

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I will have trip to Korea this winter , on top of those tools, i will take portable hand warmer along too. I was in Seoul in January this year and it dropped down to degrees Celsius most of the time I was their. Mobile chargers can be found in all shapes, sizes, prices, and power levels.

There are hundreds of them to be found online and in stores, but here are some links to my favorite mobile chargers:.

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Keychain Mobile Charger. Wireless Mobile Charger. Solar Mobile Charger. Heavy Duty Mobile Charger. I generally read on my iPad, because a lot of books can get heavy and take up space. I like to read fantasy and adventure novels when I travel, because I always feel like they fit the theme of my own adventure, and yes, I am currently reading Harry Potter in Spanish. The size and style is totally up to you- sometimes I like bringing my smaller ear buds, and sometimes I want larger headphones that cancel out noise. I also have a granola bar or protein bar, and something sweeter like fruit snacks or an apple.

My small bag of toiletries actually lives in my purse on a daily basis, but I always make sure I refresh my stash when I travel. Chapstick, lotion, body spray, and a little bit of makeup always come in handy when I need a refresher mid-flight or when I land. The one thing I always make sure I add to this bag: sunscreen.

I also love to bring this along so I can help out friends or even strangers in need- you can never be too generous! The mini sewing kit: the life saver of travel. Seriously, everything in here has at some point saved me or someone I was traveling with.

And not to mention: mini tools are pretty adorable! You can buy these mini sewing kits at most hardware stores and convenient stores, or even make your own! And in my experience, planes are usually pretty cold. I will also throw some Melatonin in my toiletries bag, a supplement that helps with sleep , so I can guarantee some sleep in flight. This requires a little more space in your bag, but can end up being a life saver.

If you land and your luggage has been lost or left behind, having a change of clothes for one day can be a game changer.

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From Margaret River we ventured further south to Denmark. We wanted to get closer to the ancient trees and the rugged coast that reminds us a little of California. The sweeping views over Parry Beach along with the sounds of nature and kangaroos hopping about made it the most ideal spot to completely unwind. And unwind we did. We completely unplugged and switched off from work, emails, wifi and deeply immersed ourselves in nature. Our family had so much fun, from swimming at Greens Pool, to walking in the treetops amongst the old growth forest, bouldering at Elephant rocks, slow cooking meals together, and quiet moments by the fire.

We spent these few days connecting with one another, having deep conversations about the universe, and laughing so much we cried. There are moments in nature that leave a mark on you forever. And this was one of them. We were all cosy by the fire, playing cards, whilst keeping an eye on the stormy sky. The sun rays began filtering through the clouds, everything was glistening, and it looked like a rainbow would appear at any moment. I decided to get changed into a colourful outfit in preparation, just in case a rainbow did appear and we could take some beautiful photos to share.

As I was getting ready I was singing a little rainbow song I made up, willing and hoping one would come. The kids were of course laughing at me.

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I felt like a little kid, so full of joy and anticipation. I had no idea if a rainbow would actually appear. We could see both magical golden ends of the rainbow. We made wishes and danced in the euphoric exhilaration of this moment.