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Its rise was influenced by currents of nationalism, mercantilism, anticlericalism, and opposition to vested property interests in the hands of the church that had begun in the late fourteenth century.

The Reformation

The church burned Wycliffe posthumously as a heretic in and condemned and executed Hus in Most settlers in the thirteen colonies that eventually formed the United States were Protestants; indeed, several had established Protestant churches. Roger Williams —, pictured here was an early proponent of disestablishment, a movement later led by more secular leaders such as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Other important leaders were Philipp Melanchthon — , Martin Bucer — , and Heinrich Bullinger — The reformers rejected the authority of the pope as well as many of the principles and practices of Catholicism of that time. Roger Williams — was an early proponent of disestablishment, a movement later led by more secular leaders such as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Thomas Curry, a contemporary Catholic bishop and historian, argues that the influx of Roman Catholic immigrants to the United States in the nineteenth century later challenged an unofficial Protestant establishment that was especially prominent in public schools and institutions.

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