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In , linguists used I love you to the moon and back as an example of one of the many uses of the preposition to, which indicates that the phrase was in common conversational use by that point.

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The first uses of love you to the moon and back on Twitter appear in the fall of Early examples include expressions of affection both between parents and children, but also between romantic partners. By the s, love you to the moon and back was prevalent enough that it spawned sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek commentary about the finite distance expressed suggesting the phrase refers to a finite love as well.

Nonetheless, people have continued to use the expression or variations on it, in earnest. I love you to the moon and back is said between parents and children, romantic partners, friends, and even to pets. It is frequently used on social media. The expression has also been engraved on jewelry and printed on home decorations. A less common variant is I love you to the stars and back , which a Filipino romantic comedy took as its title.

Some users will further intensify the phrase by swapping out moon for celestial bodies even further away e.

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I Love You to the Moon and Back. In Stock. I have been saying "Love you to the moon and back" to my daughter for years.

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She is almost 10 and loves that I still say it. I'm giving her the book as a stocking stuffier, she will be so happy to have the book as a keepsake, since she thinks it is something I only say. Add to cart. Softer than expected but a great but! Adds a a little whimsy to my kids space!

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The stitching was decent so hope the zipper stands the test of time. The words and art are a little lighter than I expected as well. Love the inspirational saying but does run very small. My wrist is 5. Was going to give this to my neice who is 30 but tiny.

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But this is just too small. So will give it to my 13yr old granddaughter. The saying suits her to a T!!! She has three Of course, she plans on taking these to college!! This was a gift for my grandmother.


We have many inside jokes and just random things we say to each other. The primary thing we bicker about is how many trips to the moon and back we love each other. Good craftsmanship.

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My Grammy loves it. To the Moon and Back. Incredibly powerful film that is a MUST see! Something must be done to retract the Russian adoption ban so these precious children have a chance at a real life. Although a tiny bit bigger than I thought" - by Kashannah-Bee Manawis. Larger than you would think it is just by looking at the picture - although I was okay with that.

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Words are etched in well as you see in the photo, sturdy material, good quality, won't easily break on you. Danya B. Only 11 left in stock - order soon.